What We Do

In our work, we use an evidence-based approach

In the field of inclusion and diversity, it is difficult to find agreement about what we can all consider being facts. Our work, therefore, starts with a search for the facts.

The Inclusion Studio delivers:

The Inclusion Scan

Deep-tissue baseline measurement in the field of inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Workshops & Masterclasses

Creating awareness on inclusion and diversity in the workplace.


Effectuate sustainable improvement in inclusion and diversity with our poule of experts.

Socially Inclusive Council

As a true institutionalization of Deep-Democracy, we want to make the changes and improvements in the field of inclusion and diversity sustainable.

The (diversity and inclusion) policy audit by The Inclusion Studio was a valuable addition to EBN B.V. (Energy Management Netherlands). The report was thorough and well-researched, and the team was able to answer all questions we had about diversity and inclusion. I would highly recommend their services to any organisation looking to review and improve their own organisation in terms of diversity and inclusion.

Energie Beheer Nederland

The Inclusion Studio developed a unique and interactive workshop for Albert Heijn's marketing team. In one afternoon we took a critical look at our communications together and had an instructive and open discussion. Danny and his partner [Lindy Maris] gave us tools and insights in a very constructive way, as a result of which we now look at our work from a different perspective. We are grateful to The Inclusion Studio and look forward to working together again.

Albert Heijn

During a workshop [on inclusion and diversity; a systematic approach & moral reasoning in long-term decisions], The Inclusion Studio really surprised us [the board of Aegon and their member brands] with their expertise on inclusion and diversity and their ability to convey that knowledge to the group in a thought-provoking way. They don't just explain, but get the group thinking and engaging. They know exactly the right questions to ask, put their finger on the sore spot, but also give tools to get started. Highly recommended!


For our staff day, The Inclusion Studio organized a Masterclass for us on diversity, inclusion and intersectionality. The extensive preparation that Danny and Lindy put into the Masterclass was clearly reflected on the day itself. The content was perfectly focused on our profession as content specialists, there was plenty of room for dialogue, and even during the drinks afterwards we continued to talk a lot about the topic. In addition, both Danny and Lindy are strong in asking critical questions in a nice way. This ensured that we could easily go in depth with difficult topics. All in all, a great Masterclass that we would recommend to anyone!

In more detail:
The Inclusion Scan

The report of The Inclusion Scan consists of:

Factual data: HR-data + survey

Story: context provided through interviews

Demographic dashboard: overview of the diversity ratios

Cultural challenges: dilemmas in the workplace

Recommendations: actionplan for implementation

Survey resultexamples

58% (77% of the medior/senior positions and 88% of the managers) indicate that they are rewarded for achieving KPIs. This group earns an average of €4145,- a month, that is increased by €950,- a month in wages since they started their job.

The other 42% (of which 75% in a medior/senior position and 12% a managing position) earns an average of €3016,-, a month, that is increased by €436,- a month in wages since they started their job.

The 10 colleagues who experience the least motivation (average grade: 6.5) expect to stay at the company less than two years. The 10 colleagues who experience the most motivation (average grade: 8.8) expect to stay at the company more than five years.

Colleagues with a non-white skin color are 64% more likely to be in the lowest scoring 25% regarding the amount of positive expectations from their manager.

Colleagues experience on average more than sufficient motivation - with an average score of 7.6 (range: 5.8 as the lowest score - 9.6 as the highest score).

On the topic of motivation, men score a 7.9, women score a 7.0

Salary vs match with manager
Motivation manager