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Danny Sanders

Founder & Inclusion partner

Strategic consultant and innovator. Danny sees opportunities in difficult subjects. As a Status Quo-Changer, he is not afraid to bring up ideas from unexpected angles and taking risks won't hold him back. With empathy, Danny dives in every assignment in a co├Ârdinating and honest way. At the same time, he knows how to inspire people and achieve sustainable results. A thinker and a doer of deeds.

Jade Wissink

Co-founder and trainer

Self-employed entrepreneur with a heart for public affairs. As a communications manager and inclusion advocate, Jade works on impactful projects in the field of innovation, democracy and inclusion. Her strength is building bridges between the organisation and its stakeholders.

Tatiana Alekseeva

Business analyst and inclusion manager

Inclusion for Tatiana is like a multifaceted diamond. It goes about care and courage, humility and neutrality, compassion and intense listening. She makes a diamond shine by bringing views and opinions on the subjects together, enriching choices of the majority with wisdom of the minority and translating a vision into structured policies supporting an organisational value. Tatiana's superhero skills are data-driven change management, emotional intelligence, and humour.

Daphne Gehrels

Sociologist and Researcher

Daphne is a true connector. She likes to make connections between people, between ideas, between theory and practice, between the small details and the bigger picture. She knows that in the end everything is connected and that the forest is not just the sum of the trees. She sees the work in the space of diversity and inclusion as a way to reconnect the many loose threads that we have come up with in our society and thus arrive at a more beautiful whole. Daphne has an academic background in both Organisational Sciences and (European) Sociology and has spent a lot of time abroad, which has given her both a critical and sensitive view of the world.

Niki Sluijter

Researcher and trainer

Researcher, designer and connector are the words that describe Niki the best. Her main goal is to make inclusion and diversity a central and widely supported theme within organisations. Niki's mission is not to transform the person but the system. She therefore examines the facts and policy of an organisation and checks whether this is in line with the inclusion & diversity objectives in daily practice. Based on her scientific background within these themes, she aims to bring theory and practice together with a 360 ┬░ approach that is evidence-based. Niki is here for the long haul!

Siela Ardjosemito-Jethoe

Collaboration partner

Siela is an expert on diversity and inclusion. She uses her expertise as a speaker, advisor, trainer and coach. She is clear in communication and her strength lies in connecting and tackling an issue collectively. Her main aim is to increase equality in organisations and thus help to bring out the best in everyone.

Sergio Bartelink

Data Analyst

Sergio is half Dutch and half Argentinian, which is reflected in his passion for analysis combined with a focus on social involvement. Sergio is an energetic and helpful person who likes to take initiative. He enjoys discussing issues in detail and finding the creative solutions together. Because he likes to automate repetitive tasks, it is important for Sergio to come up with long-term solutions. Sergio is fascinated by technology and how people interact with that. Ultimately, the most important thing for Sergio is to find answers and thus enable people to focus on what they themselves have passion and quality for.

Lindy Maris

Lindy Maris

Trainer and founder @ Impact a la carte

Not only using your head, but also your heart, in your work and beyond: Lindy Maris discovered the added value of this approach, both for herself, for her happiness at work and for the world around her. Today she helps other professionals to achieve the same and also work more from the heart.</p> <p>Lindy develops and provides masterclasses for The Inclusion Studio, together with founder Danny Sanders. She is committed to raising awareness on this theme. She is also the founder of training agency Impact a la carte. Impact a la carte combines skills training with social impact.


The (diversity and inclusion) policy audit by The Inclusion Studio was a valuable addition to EBN B.V. (Energy Management Netherlands). The report was thorough and well-researched, and the team was able to answer all questions we had about diversity and inclusion. I would highly recommend their services to any organisation looking to review and improve their own organisation in terms of diversity and inclusion.


The Inclusion Studio developed a unique and interactive workshop for Albert Heijn's marketing team. In one afternoon we took a critical look at our communications together and had an instructive and open discussion. Danny and his partner [Lindy Maris] gave us tools and insights in a very constructive way, as a result of which we now look at our work from a different perspective. We are grateful to The Inclusion Studio and look forward to working together again.


During a workshop [on inclusion and diversity; a systematic approach & moral reasoning in long-term decisions], The Inclusion Studio really surprised us [the board of Aegon and their member brands] with their expertise on inclusion and diversity and their ability to convey that knowledge to the group in a thought-provoking way. They don't just explain, but get the group thinking and engaging. They know exactly the right questions to ask, put their finger on the sore spot, but also give tools to get started. Highly recommended!


For our staff day, The Inclusion Studio organized a Masterclass for us on diversity, inclusion and intersectionality. The extensive preparation that Danny and Lindy put into the Masterclass was clearly reflected on the day itself. The content was perfectly focused on our profession as content specialists, there was plenty of room for dialogue, and even during the drinks afterwards we continued to talk a lot about the topic. In addition, both Danny and Lindy are strong in asking critical questions in a nice way. This ensured that we could easily go in depth with difficult topics. All in all, a great Masterclass that we would recommend to anyone!