About us

The Inclusion Studio is founded in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, the uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement, #MeToo and the cancel culture.

This series of events has led us to our ‘healthy frustration’ that “we can talk about inclusion and diversity all the time, or we can just do something about it!” – hence the need for an anti-windowdressing approach.

After months of deskresearch and many conversations with a diverse palette of organisations that are struggling with making inclusion and diversity work, The Inclusion Studio started to help organisations on these topics in the summer of 2020.

After the first year of being in business, we have helped 10+ clients improve their inclusion and diversity objectives.

The story

Danny Sanders and Jade Wissink got to know each other in 2019, where they both worked as civil servants for the municipality of Amsterdam. There, they also promoted inclusion and diversity: Jade has set up a network for women in construction and Danny was involved in organizing the municipal participation in the Pride. They connected with each other in these themes. From this joint drive, they started The Inclusion Studio.
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